Sungil Co,. Ltd (S. Korea) was founded in Feb 1998 And is committed to GRP water tank fabrication. GRP (Glassfibre Reinforcement Polyester) water tank is design in accordance to ISO 14000 ideology on environmental management. Its GRP sheets are produced in house, so to the SMC raw materials and its produces are fully made from these in-house components.

The panels are made of the state-of-the-art compound materials, GRP which is a combination of unsaturated polyester resin with a filler, catalyst, isomer, etc, made from non-alkaline glass fiber. This material is a high temperature and high-pressure molded (Hot-pressed SMC) and is non-harmful to drinking or consumption.


Feature: GRP Hot & Cold Water Storage (Thermal) Tank
Sungil’s GRP water tank used single board panels of precious metals such as steel, sus, etc. that hold thermal conductivity of around 250 times standard levels. A highly insulating polyurethane foaming agent is used along a special blow molded cover on the exterior made from synthetic resins. These various panels are amalgamated into a 3-layers structure that possesses outstanding insulation and dew-proofing properties.

SMC machine

Hot Press Moulded GRP Sectional Tank

Hydro Dynamic Engineering is the ONLY manufacturer in Singapore producing 6 meter height GRP water tank

Sungil’s GRP/FRP Water Tank had passed our Singapore TUV SUD PSB Testing, SS245 : 1995