Our company mainly deals in evaporative condensers, evaporators, closed cooling tower, integrated evaporative coolers, various kinds of refrigeration maintenance facilities as well as first, second (grade) pressure vessels used in chemical processing. Our products have been extensively used in various fields such as chemical industry, pharmacy, food and beverage industry, packing industry, coal mining industry, construction industry and so on.

We Supply & Install Cooling Towers:
From reputable manufacturer from Korea:
Competitive Advantages Includes:

• Low cost Cooling Tower
• Easy & Simple Assembly, Installation
• Low Maintenance Costs
• Low noise & Quiet Operation
• Corrosion & Rust Proofing
• Variable Model Supply
• Short lead time — one~two weeks (Except transportation time)
• Variable technical data supply

Cooling Tower’s Ranges:

Induced Draft Counter Flow(Round) Type Cooling Tower

Induced Draft Low-Noise Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower

WXRD/B Series Evaporative Condenser

WXRN Series Evaporative Condenser

FBH Closed Circuit Cooling Tower